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Hi! I was born & raised in San Diego - America's Finest City! I love to travel and explore different cultures, cuisine, architecture and art.  How lucky am I that whenever I leave, I get to return to the sway of palm trees in the Pacific Ocean breeze. I grew up dancing, performing, and painting. Life is meant to be lived colorfully! Through my love of art, my creativity grew and so did my perceptiveness as an artist.  Over time, this creativity transitioned from watercolors and brushstrokes to the universal art form that is fashion. I believe that fashion is one of the most important expressions of art, for it is both function and form melded together to give each of us a voice. Fashion can truly be a unique expression of self. By blending all this artistry, my own personal sense of fashion has evolved. It's my pleasure to share with you my sartorial evolution. I hope you enjoy this lifestyle and fashion blog filled with street chic, yet sophisticated looks. I look forward to how our brush strokes will paint this canvas called life!