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One of my favorite things in the world are VIEWS. They can be breathtaking, awe-inspiring and simply beautiful. Views from skyscrapers, views OF skyscrapers, views from mountains, views OF mountains - you get the picture. It's just amazing to see what a magnificent world we live in. My favorite of all, are views from the TOP. Send me up, and I want to do is look down. I am forever curious, always wanting to see what everybody is doing out there!

Here are some of my favorite architectural views (in no particular order):

Toronto CN Tower 2.jpg

CN Tower (Toronto, Canada)  – I’d say it’s well worth it to pay the extra fee to get to the SkyPod. On a clear day, you can see all the way to Niagara Falls and New York State. It’s pretty quiet up there, and you can choose which window you’d like to stare out of for however long you like.

derry horizontal_Fotor.jpg

The Walled City (Derry, Northern Ireland) - Derry is the only remaining completely intact walled city in Ireland. The view from atop the wall at Butcher’s Gates creates in front of your eyes an expanse of colorful houses, greenery, St. Eugen’s Cathedral, and most important of all, a city that is full of history.  What was once used to keep a group of people out, now reveals the intense history of “The Troubles”. The artistic murals around the city can even be spotted from different angles along the wall.  

chicago sears tower view_Fotor.jpg

SkyDeck Willis Tower (Chicago, Illinois) – The ongoing joke about the SkyDeck for me was, “are we there yet?!” I do have to say there are a lot of layers to get through before you reach what you came for, but it really delivers! Expansive views of a concrete jungle really do excite my heart! If you’re daring enough to step out in faith and literally hit the glass floor – just do it. I always like to seek an extra “edge” of adventure.

highline fire_Fotor.jpg

The Highline (Manhattan, New York) - An elevated linear park created on a former railroad is the perfect escape from busy city life while keeping you a hop, skip and jump away from the nightlife of the Meatpacking District. This wonderful park stretches through Manhattan's famed Chelsea neighborhood. Maybe that’s why I love it so much - it includes the best of both worlds.

guiness storehouse with beer_Fotor.jpg


Guinness Storehouse (Dublin, Ireland)  -  The Guinness Storehouse is unbelievable! You'd think it was going to be a total tourist trap, but it's quite to the contrary. Before you arrive at the views, there is a wonderfully curated museum showing you the art of crafting stout. It surpassed my expectations. It's visually stimulating and just a precursor to what you'll see at the top: Views of Dublin in all it's glory. Rooftops and spires in different shapes and colors ranging from red to green. All the while, sipping THE BEST Guinness you've ever had - because they pour it RIGHT at the top. 


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