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Thirty, an Elegant Birthday

Thirty, an Elegant Birthday

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Milestone birthday.

Can’t believe its already here!!!

The past year was one of the best. Why, you ask? Because I did something significant for myself.

I know when people say that it can be so cliché. Like – eye roll! We only have one body, one mind, one soul. So before anything else, we should nurture ourselves. 

When you start with yourself, it will trickle over to all aspects, avenues, and angles of your life. What I did was open the timeline of my life and went through it. I faced it. GULP!

It wasn’t easy.

Just think about it, if you take the first step to review your life – the good with the bad - the sadness, the disappointments, the joys and the victories – the revisited pain can be deep but it will NOT be permanent. 

Facing it – I made a choice on how to view it moving forward, which enabled me to release my previous perspective and gain a new one.

Who said that change can’t be the most liberating feeling in life? 

I don’t have to stay the same – or make the same decisions over and over again. There are so many choices and options in life and I am reaching for those with joy and excitement.

My 30th birthday was an event to share with my closest family and friends. As I looked around the room filled with so much love – at that moment I was (and am) beyond grateful to know that I have a community that loves and supports me no matter what.

And that – is priceless. That, is the best present I could ask for on my 30th birthday.

Outfit: Jumpsuit, Tahari - similar herehere, and here. Earrings, Forever 21 - similar here. Heels, Nine West - similar here.

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