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Post-Festival HIIT

Post-Festival HIIT

Festival season has come and gone.

Can you believe I hated country music for the entirety of my life up until one year ago?!

I just came to a point in my life where I was open to other options.

“Wide open! Wide open!” Excuse me while I turn Cole Swindell’s lyrics into Tourette’s.

Have you ever considered opening your heart, mind and soul to something that you’ve loathed for a long period of time? It’s quite a phenomenon. I can be especially stubborn, but the act of purposefully turning my heart towards something I resisted, ended up bringing me more joy than I ever imagined.

Attending Stagecoach felt like a wispy dream. I have found such a love for country music. The love, emotions and connection that surrounds the country genre is unlike anything I have ever experienced.

Across the desert you could see couples, from college age to their sixties, singing and slow dancing the night away

It was a sight enough to make you want to fall in love.

So here’s to loving country music for the rest of my life!

Following a festival, it can be hard for your body to bounce back! My go-to post-festival workout is a High Intensity Interval Training routine. Click the YouTube below to have a little fun with me and complete the quick routine!

Stagecoach and Coachella colorful art installation
Stagecoach outfit. Colorful Coachella art installation
Cute Stagecoach outfit. Colorful Coachella art installation
Ferris Wheel at Stagecoach. Ferris Wheel at Coachella.
Stagecoach Ferris Wheel. Frayed lace-up denim shorts.
Stagecoach outfit.
Stagecoach outfit. Coachella Valley, California. Indio, California.

Forever 21: Frayed Lace-Up Denim Shorts. Forever 21: Ruffle Pinstripe Crop Top, similar here. XOXO: Fenton Western Bootie.

I Have Nothing to Wear!

I Have Nothing to Wear!

My Favorite Leotard

My Favorite Leotard