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Giving Fear a Shape

Giving Fear a Shape

When I lay down at night to sleep, and the back of my eyelids rest in that space between the light and dark, my vision pauses in the space of adjustment. 

Shapes fill the air where the light was. 

And as my eyes adjust.… adjust.… adjust, I see my fears and failures taking shape. Forming from the light that was there before. 

In that moment, a decision is to be made. 

Do I choose to fill in the lines, and give definition to the exaggerations of my creative mind? The patterns projected on my eyelids could be just that - a projection of old patterns and beliefs deciding my future for me. 

It’s in this place when it’s especially important to practice gratitude. 

At the end of each day, write down three things you are grateful for that day. 

Look at them. Read them aloud. Recount them. 

Watch the shapes in front of you disintegrate...dismantling the pattern that has been blocking gratitude. 

South Park San Diego. Chain belt on a jean skirt.
South Park San Diego. Chain belt on a jean skirt.
South Park San Diego. Chain belt. Denim bodycon slit skirt.

ZARA: Halter Bodysuit, more colors here. Forever 21: Slit Hem Bodycon Denim Skirt, similar from SHEIN. Jurxy: Multilayer Golden Waist Belt Pendant Belly Chain. SHEIN: Flat Lens Sunglasses.

Adding Value to In-Between Time

Adding Value to In-Between Time